bringing together

wide-ranging expertise of
sports medicine, physiotherapy, exercise physiology and other professionals

in one integrated community.

About Us

Sports Medicine Association Singapore (SMAS) is the professional body for sports medicine and sports science professionals in Singapore. It is the local organisation that represents and embodies the multi-disciplinary approach of Sports Medicine and brings together the wide-ranging expertise of sports medicine, physiotherapy, exercise physiology, sports biochemistry, sports biomechanics, sports nutrition and sports psychology, in one integrated community.

SMAS EXCO 2019-2020



  • Mr Lee Tze Tye
    Mr Lee Tze Tye president
  • Dr Mandy Zhang
    Dr Mandy Zhang vice-president
  • Mr Micheal Lim Chee Meng
    Mr Micheal Lim Chee Meng vice president
  • Ms Vivien Koh
    Ms Vivien Koh secretary
  • Dr Lim Yii Hong
    Dr Lim Yii Hong treasurer
  • Dr Teo Wei-Peng
    Dr Teo Wei-Peng editor
  • Dr Ivy Lim
    Dr Ivy Lim member
  • Mr Derrick Ong
    Mr Derrick Ong member
  • Dr Sirisena Udawattage Dinesh Chaminda
    Dr Sirisena Udawattage Dinesh Chaminda member
  • Dr Victor Tan
    Dr Victor Tan member


To promote sports medicine and related sciences and to enlighten and direct opinion on problems of sports, exercise, health and fitness.



To disseminate sports medical knowledge and opinions to professionals and lay persons, and to acquaint and advise the relevant bodies with such knowledge and opinions.



To periodically arrange and hold meetings and activities for members of the Association for scientific and social reasons.



To publish papers, journals and other materials in furtherance of the above objects.

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