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Ms Yeo Hwee Koon, Team Lead (Physiotherapy and Rehab), senior sports physiotherapist with the Singapore Sports Institute, has worked with elite sportsmen for more than 10 years.  Prior to her career as a physiotherapist, she was a National athlete in Fencing.  Her passion for sports, medicine and sport science and interest in sports development lead to the pursuing of her Physiotherapy training and subsequently working with athletes in the elite level.

Hwee Koon obtained her Bachelor in Physiotherapy (2nd Class Honours) in 2003 from Curtin University of Technology in Western Australia.  Her honours research project on the Physiological Effects of Performing a Join Mobilization Technique on Ankle sprain subjects was eventually published in Manual Therapy in year 2011.

Hwee Koon spent 8 years working for Football Association of Singapore as the National Team Physiotherapist after her graduation where she oversees the management and rehabilitation of National Teams’ players’ injury; and implemented injury prevention programs for the teams.  In year 2012, she joined the Singapore Sports Institute (SSI) as a Senior Sports Physiotherapist to expand her clinical repertoire; acquire new skills and contribute her expertise in team sports injury management to SSI.  She received the SSI Training Award in 2013 to complete her post graduate training in Sports Physiotherapy and received her Master in Sports Physiotherapy in December 2013.

With her numerous years working with elite athletes, her forte is in area of sports specific exercise rehabilitation, pitch-side management, developing injury prevention programs and planning and implementing sports medicine services for Team Singapore during major games participation.

Hwee Koon currently work closely with a team of athletes under the Singapore Sport Institute training scholarship (SPEX Scholars) and the high performance team to monitor on potential risk of sports specific injury and develop sports specific functional assessment and screening tools to identify potential injury and performance limiting risk and enhance sports performance.  She also coordinates and leads Team Singapore Medical Team on Major Games support.

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