Shayne Hu Shixuan – Exercise Physiologist

28 years old, 52kg, average weekly mileage 15 -25kms; short run 3kms long run 8kms, level- recreational

Mid-rearfoot runner, Foot type: moderate overpronate

Shayne has 10 years of experience helping individuals with injuries performance and weight management, with the past five as an exercise physiologist in Changi Sports Medicine Centre. On top of her clinical experience, she is also the Deputy Director of Public Outreach, Exercise is Medicine Singapore, educating physicians, allied health professionals and the general public both locally and internationally on reaping the benefits of physical activity. She has also worked with several populations, including army recruits as a physical training instructor, and coaching young children in soccer.

She likes to play many sports especially soccer, basketball and badminton, and runs to keep fit, including agility, hill and interval runs.”

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