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Sports physicians, Doctors, Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologist and Podiatrist with over 100 years combined experience in treating professional and elite athletes. 

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This year, SMAS brings a new slant to our education calendar for public outreach and information. We have partnered many well-known sports shoe companies, such as Adidas, Brooks, Mizuno, New Balance, Reebok, and others to set up an online database of shoe reviews for all stripes of runners. It is an on-going attempt to bring clarity to the layman about which shoes may be most suitable for them, not necessarily what is most popular, most marketable or most fashionable.
The shoes are reviewed by our own panel of doctors, physiotherapists and other health professionals who are also avid regular runners themselves who will give their honest opinion in the most jargon-free, least technical manner possible to allow even the beginner runner to understand and make best use of the information and choose the most suitable shoes for his or her feet, running style and training pattern.

This on-line collection of shoe reviews will be seasonally updated as new shoes and some popular older models are reviewed in the years ahead and hopefully will one day grow to become a very comprehensive resource for any runner out there looking to buy, wear and try out any running shoe available on the market. With this aide, it is also envisioned as a resource for every sports health practitioner who prescribe running shoes and footwear for their patients, clients or athletes. It is our sincere wish that everyone who reads this will enjoy it as part of their running experience!

For all of you fellow runners out there: Read and run well!

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Another Source of Running Shoe Review?

The Sports Medicine Association Singapore comprises of Professionals (Medical & Allied Health) actively working with runners of all different running levels (recreational to Elite). What this means is our perspective is a practical functional application built upon a solid biomechanical knowledge based foundation.

We know that not all runners are equal. Thus a review from a 30 year old sub 3 hr marathoner may not be accurate for an over 50 year old recreational runner who only runs 5 kms 3 times a week. In fact it could be harmful. The SMAS reviews are done with this in mind. We have reviewers in different age segments and different running levels. This allows the reader to choose the reviewer closest to their profile and read their reviews. In this way it would be a more accurate indication of which shoe suits that reader.

We are runners ourselves. This means we are not just approaching the reviews from a clinical standpoint but also as a runner. As we know in real life – practice does not always equal theory. Us being active clinicians and active runners – you get the bala nce of 2 different but equally important perspectives.

As mentioned not all runners are the same. Runners differ in age, level, biomechanics just to mention a few differences. Thus, what works for one may not work for the other. The best way to use these reviews are:

1. Find a reviewer which best fits your profile (age, running level). You’ll find a tables A & B below to help you.

2. Go to that reviewers reviews and base your choice of shoes on that reviewer.

3. If you know what you need in a shoe eg. more forefoot cushioning; then pay attention to that particular attribute in the reviews. Not necessarily the highest score is the best shoe. Every runner is different in what they need.

Our Reviewers

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53 y.o. , 52 kg, weekly running mileage 25kms; short run 5kms long run 8kms, level – recreational

Dr Teoh Chin Sim

49 y.o., weight = 69 kgs, average weekly running mileage 15 -20 kms; short run 5kms long run 10kms, level – recreational, Rearfoot runner, Foot type: moderate overpronate

Tye Lee Tze

mid- thirties, 48 kgs, average weekly mileage 60-90kms; short run 8-12 kms long run 21-30kms, level – elite / competitive. Marathon PB: 3hrs 9 mins 28 seconds, Mid-forefoot runner, Foot type: Neutral-Cavus

Dr Lim Baoying

40 y.o., 63 kgs, average weekly mileage 15-20 kms; short run 5-6kms long run 10-12kms, level – recreational. mid-rearfoot runner, Foot type: Neutral

Dr Lim Yii Hong

40yo, 49kg, average weekly running mileage 20kms; short run 5kms long run 10kms, level – recreational, Rearfoot runner, Foot type: mild overpronate

Sharon Lim

47y.o. , 61 kgs, average weekly running mileage 15 – 25kms off season; short run 5kms long run 15kms, level – competitive

Dr Lim Eng Koon

31 y.o., 61 kgs, average weekly running mileage 40 – 50kms; short run 8-12kms long run 25kms, level – competitive

Dr Joshua Li

38 y.o, 75 kgs, average weekly running mileage 10 -15 kms; short run 4kms long run 10kms, level – recreational

Dr Dinesh Sirisena

30 y.o. , 65 kgs, average weekly running mileage 10-20kms; short run 3kms long run 10kms, level – recreational, Midfoot runner, Foot type: moderate overpronate

Bruno Chia

28 years old, 52kg, average weekly mileage 15 -25kms; short run 3kms long run 8kms, level- recreational, Mid-rearfoot runner, Foot type: moderate overpronate

Shayne Hu

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