Tye Lee Tze – Sports Podiatrist

49 y.o., weight = 69 kgs, average weekly running mileage 15 -20 kms; short run 5kms long run 10kms, level – recreational

Rearfoot runner, Foot type: Moderate overpronate

Lee Tze is credited as being the 1st Podiatrist in Singapore and has over 28 years experience in both Australia and Singapore. He is the Vice President of the Sports Medicine Association Singapore & was the Founding President of the Podiatry Association Singapore.

Lee Tze is currently and has been the visiting Podiatrist for Singapore Sports Institute since 2001 catering to Singapore’s national athletes and also attends to competitive youth athletes at the Singapore Sports School since 2015. He has given many talks and workshops for running events such as the StanChart Singapore Marathon, The Sundown Marathon, The Real Run, and Runners Day.He is a recreational runner clocking 15-20 kms per week to stay fit and in an attempt to keep up with his teenage kids who represent their Poly & secondary school in track & field.

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