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In Loving Memory of Dr. Teh KC

Sports Medicine Association Singapore remembers one of the founding fathers of Sports Medicine in Singapore


(1949 – 2021)

“Dr. Teh was a quiet, humble and unassuming man. He was my boss, colleague, teacher, mentor and advisor. He pioneered and led many initiatives in sports medicine and sports science that laid the foundation for what we have today – for elite sport as well as health and fitness for the masses in Singapore. He also worked closely with the sporting fraternity locally and abroad, forming networks that exist till today.

Thank you Dr. Teh for being our leader and role model. Thank you for being a fine doctor. And thank you for being a great and loyal friend.”

~ Dr. Teoh Chin Sim


“Dr. Teh, you were a wonderful colleague, supervisor and mentor to me. I miss our conversations, your kindness, warmth and willingness to always lend me your ear. I have been truly blessed to have worked with you and I hope I can inspire future generations as you did. I miss you.”

~ Dr. Dinesh Sirisena


“Dr. Teh’s contribution to Sports Medicine is immeasurable but what stands out even more is Dr. Teh’s humility, compassion, care and integrity.”

~ Mr. Tye Lee Tze


“Dr. Teh always had a gentle calmness about him that struck me whenever I spoke to him. I will remember him fondly and may he Rest In Peace.”

~ Dr. Derek Park


“Dr. Teh was one of the grandfathers of Sports Medicine in Singapore and has left an indelible mark in all of us in the fraternity. His kindness and contributions have paved the way for the current generation and we will miss him greatly.”

~ Dr. Ivy Lim


“Thank you for all that you have done for Sports Medicine in Singapore, and for being such a wonderful teacher. Sports Medicine would not have been what it is now if not for you. Thank you again, Dr Teh.”

~ Dr. Leonard Lim


“Dr. Teh was my supervisor during my medical student elective at the Singapore Sports Council in 2007, and again during my AST training at KTPH in 2016. What he taught me, I hope to pay forward and teach my juniors as well. RIP Dr Teh!”

~ Dr. Wang Mingchang


“Thank you for all the wonderful contributions you have made to the sports medicine community in Singapore!”

~ Dr. Mandy Zhang


“Thank you for the pearls of wisdom over the years! We will miss you!”

~ Dr. Victor Tan


“Thank you for all you’ve done for the specialty, for sports, and for our nation. You will be missed.”

~ Dr. Suriya Prakaash


“Though I had minimal interaction with Dr. Teh, he came across as a kind and gentle man with humility. For many of the current opportunities the current generation of Sports and Exercise Medicine trainees, including myself, have – we have Dr. Teh to thank. In particular, through his many years of service in the Singapore Sports Council, by caring for generations of athletes, many of whom have gone on to play prominent roles within the local sports scene, Dr. Teh has played a big part in showcasing the importance of Sports Medicine, and ingrained its integral role for the health of everyone who is physically active.”

~ Dr. Scott Xu


“Dr. Teh KC was an inspirational mentor who did many things for sports medicine in Singapore. His legacy and research work will continue.”

~ Dr. Stephanie Ong


“He was a good doctor. He not only treated his patients, but also took care of them. He always smiled no matter how busy he was.”

~ Ms. Qu Yingfang


“Dr. Teh, you are in my thoughts and prayers. RIP.”

~ Ms. Suriani Hut